Concrete pump rental in Monteregie and Montreal South Shore and North Shore

At Pompage Élite, we are specialists in concrete pumping equipment rental and have been for over 25 years.

We have top quality equipment, including a fleet of over 50 concrete pump trucks, perfect for all your concrete pumping needs.

Serving residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and civil engineering customers, we offer concrete pump rentals in the Eastern Townships, Montérégie and Greater Montreal. Contact us for more information!

24/7 rental service to keep your construction site running efficiently

When planning a construction site, it’s important not to fall behind schedule, so as not to disrupt the entire calendar. By requesting our concrete pump rental service, we can assure you of a reliable, punctual and 24/7 service to fully satisfy you and avoid any delays.

Whatever your sector of activity, whether you are a general contractor, a formwork contractor or you manage a civil engineering project, we know that you have no time to lose and that the smooth running of your site is essential. Trust us, we will live up to your expectations by offering you an efficient concrete pumping equipment rental without any hitch.

Available every day and at all hours, we always do our best to accommodate our customers, in particular by providing quick interventions, but also by simplifying the management of construction waste. Indeed, we offer bags for the cleaning of pump residues after concreting.

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High-performance machines at the cutting edge of technology

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From the best manufacturers, our concrete pump trucks are excellent machines that are reliable, precise and functional. Equipped with reach limiters, our concrete pumps allow for safe concreting work, especially near power lines.

Our fleet of concrete pumping trucks is regularly renewed and is at the cutting edge of technology. Thus, the vast majority of our concrete pumps are less than 3 years old to guarantee our customers the best quality of machine possible.

With one of our concrete pumps on your job site, you will be assured of impeccable concrete work, guaranteed! Discover more about our concrete pumping equipment by browsing our dedicated page.

Experienced pump operators


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As a concrete pump rental company, our strength comes from our excellent machines, but also from our pump operators. Experienced, they offer you the best possible service, no matter how big or small the concrete job. True experts in concrete pumping, they are your best asset for the success of your project. In fact, it was our pump operators who carried out all the concreting of the Turcot interchange in Montreal. This is the largest highway interchange project carried out in Canada in recent years and our team successfully met the challenge. Entrust us with yours without further delay!

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Do you need a concrete pumping service? Choose Pompage Élite for concrete pump rentals in the Eastern Townships, Montérégie and Montreal, on the North Shore and the South Shore.

For all other information requests, call us at (514) 708-5572 or send us an email, by filling out the form on our contact page. To request a quote, visit our submission page.